Increasing the safety of your assets

Our clients gain access to variety of services, courtesy of DFI’s in-house staff and by strategic service providers.

Personal Investment Advising and Optimization
DFI’s Senior Advisors are on hand to assist the client in building customized portfolios that will meet his or her individual goals, both long term and short term.

Firsthand Premium Sourcing
Diamond Shield investors obtain direct access to the largest available selection of high-grade polished diamonds through DFI’s privileged trade-only access to the leading diamond exchanges.

Up-to-Date Portfolio Monitoring 
The DFI client receive current reports summarizing the performance of his or her DFI investment portfolios.

Research Reports and Forecasts
Through secure access to the DFI website, the client enjoys access to market reports and forecasts, prepared by DFI’s research staff and associates.

Free Zone Services
The DFI client may select to hold his or her assets in a secured Free Zone facility. While the assets remain within the Free Zone environment the client is exempt from payments of VAT and duty.


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