DFI’s working assumption is that the circumstances and requirements of each and every client differ, and that an individual approach is always necessary in the creation of an investment portfolio. It is the client that ultimately will decide on the composition of an investment portfolio, but, to enable him or her to reach a reasoned and informed decision, DFI is committed to providing expert advice, in-depth analysis and up-to-date information.  

Prior to any investment in a Diamond Shield-based portfolio, DFI will provide the client with comprehensive advice, focusing not only on the specifics of the Diamond Shield program, but considering in detail the client’s individual investment goals, both long-term and short-term.

A diamond-based investment involves certain specific elements, and DFI will discuss with the client all of its various aspects, starting with the sourcing of the assets, transportation, custody arrangements, market analysis and liquidity profiles of each Diamond Shield portfolio type. The entire process of the investment process will be explained in detail, providing confidence and security. Clients should be able to make their reasoned choices regarding their investment needs, and DFI will assist them with their unique expertise in this asset type.

Regular reporting and ongoing analysis of the investment is part of the advisory process.  These services are provided so that the client is always able to review whether his investment needs are still covered by the particular Diamond Shield-based portfolio, or whether adjustments should be made.

Through its network of strategic service providers, DFI aims to make the process of investing into diamonds for the client as simple and safe as any other available financial investment.

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