The Diamond Shield program involves a suite of tradable investment portfolio types that was developed by DFI exclusively for its clients. Each is comprised of physical high-quality diamonds that have been acquired specifically for the client, according to agreed-to individual portfolio requirements. In selecting the right portfolio type, the client is able to vary the size of the investment according to his or her own liquidity requirements.


Only a limited range of diamonds qualifies for inclusion into the Diamond Shield program. All diamonds are round, brilliant shapes, fall within a narrow carat range, and carry uniformly high clarity, color and cut grades. Every diamond has been certified by the world’s most recognized and respected gem grading laboratory, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), before it is included in the client's portfolio.


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Comprehensive measures are taken to ensure the ethical integrity of the diamond investment. All stones purchased are sourced from partners who are subject to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, which is the United Nations-endorsed program designed to prevent the trade in diamonds from conflict areas. (For more information about the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and the campaign to eliminate the trade in conflict diamonds, please CLICK HERE.)

Evaluation of the diamonds is transparent and standardized, with the most widely accepted industry price index used to assess the value of the stones on the days of purchase and sale. The diamonds are acquired at wholesale prices by DFI strategic partners working in the major diamond trading centers.

For client investments of USD 1 million and more,  DFI and its partners can provide access to a Diamond Shield portfolio through a securitized investment structure that is fully backed by the physical diamonds acquired. This allows the investment to become a bankable asset, thereby expanding the client's flexibility while he or she holds the investment.

The client’s interests are protected throughout the process of investing in a Diamond Shield portfolio type.

On request, the client’s funds may be held in escrow while the diamonds in the portfolio are being acquired.

All gems have to be GIA-certified and sealed before being delivered to a high-security facility  located in either the Zurich or Geneva Free Zones, where they exempt from VAT payments.

If requested, the delivered diamonds will be examined by BDO Switzerland, acting as Exchange Control Agent, to ensure that they fully comply with the agreed-to composition of the investment portfolio. This is done before the client's funds are released.   

A client can monetize his or her investment, or part thereof, at any given time, by requesting that DFI sell the diamonds back into the market. 

Each client will receive up-to-date reports about the performance of his or her Diamond Shield portfolios.

More details about the investment process and the composition of the various Diamond Shield portfolio types will be made available to DFI clients as part of the advisory process (here is an insight into the historical performance of Diamond Shield portfolios).



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