DFI is a service provider headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, which specializes in the development of safe-haven investment alternatives founded on tangible high-value commodities. We do so by balancing cutting-edge innovation and acumen with the tradition, strength and regulatory environment of an established Swiss institution. 

The Diamond Shield suite is DFI’s core investment offering and is centered on the inherent value contained in high-grade, natural diamonds. But unlike diamond investment programs that only allow you to buy a financial instrument referencing diamonds, Diamond Shield puts the actual asset in your hands. A DFI client does not buy into a fund, but obtains full ownership of physical diamonds. And the diamonds retain their status as a fully tradable asset, for our proprietary financial analysis and ability to access the loose diamond markets enables a client to monetize an investment at any given time.

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In administering Diamond Shield, our experienced financial market managers, analysts and investment advisors provide the DFI client with the intellectual and analytical tools essential to obtaining investment benefit from the international loose gemstone market. Acting exclusively on behalf of its clients, DFI works independently, not beholden to any specific supplier or stockpile.


As part of our service package, DFI clients are afforded a range of exclusive facilities and benefits, including:

  • Personal and non-discretionary diamond investment advisement;
  • Real time, online reporting to monitor asset performance;
  • Market research, analysis and forecasting;
  • Use of DFI’s facilities in the Zurich and Geneva Free Zones and other international free zones;
  • Premium asset sourcing at competitive wholesale prices;
  • Expert verification of investment assets before completion of transactions;
  • A lean advisory fee structure. 


Backing DFI and its clients is a network of strategic partners, who include:

  • Internationally recognized gemological laboratories;
  • The world’s leading high-value product delivery and logistics provider;
  • Secure storage services in free zones around the world;
  • On request, approved escrow agents and trustee services;
  • Independent auditors. 


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