A commitment to responsible business standards is the cornerstone of DFI’s business ethos, and all of our representatives have a duty to act in the best interests of both clients and the greater society, in full compliance with Swiss law and the laws of the other countries and regions in which DFI operates.

As part of the DFI comprehensive Code of Conduct, our representatives commit to:

  • Avoiding any action that may result in a conflict of interest; 
  • Keeping information about existing clients, prospective clients and former clients in strict confidence;
  • Being fully transparent about their own credentials, DFI’s products and their performance,  fees and expenses, and not withholding any information that may prevent the client from  making an informed decision; 
  • Ensuring that all assets have been handled in compliance with proper ethical and business  standards and in accordance with national and international agreements, including the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme; and ascertaining that  these assets are not associated with civil conflict or human rights abuses, money laundering, health and safety violations, labor violations, and environmental violations; 
  • Supporting the economic and social development of all DFI stakeholders, including those  living in communities in which DFI’s investment assets are sourced.

To download DFI’s comprehensive Code of Conduct, please Click Here.

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